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Send us your Grade 6 kids math question and we will attempt to provide a solution using the Model Method where possible.

Please post only 1 question per submission so that we can group the questions under different Concept Models to facilitate all users' future searches for similar questions.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask here, just post each question separately.

Visitors to this Forum can also post their answers to your questions.

If it is impossible or not efficient to solve using the Model Method, we will attempt to solve it using other Singapore Math Heuristics.

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Primary 6 Problem sum  
There were 1/3 as many girls as boys in the library. 21 girls left the library & 21 boys came into the library. In the end, there were 1/5 as many girls …

P6 Math Question 
A bakery and a library are 120m apart. They are located between Hong's house and Jeya's house. The bakery is exactly half-way in between the two houses. …

P6 Math Question 
P and Q are two rectangular containers. The base area of P is 60 squared centimeters while that of Q is 40 squared centimeters. At first P contained water …

P6 Math Question 
There are two numbers. One is 5 times the other. They have exactly six common factors. Three of the common factors are 1, 2 and 9. a) What are the other …

Pls draw model for this. Thanks 
Jake and Ryon had a total of $1,000. Jake had some money and it was doubled. Ryon spent half his money on food. As a result they had the same amount …

draw models to solve problems involving two sets of ratio 
Danny poured 78 liters of water into containers X, Y, and Z. The ratio of the volume of water in Container x to the volume of water in Container y is 5 …

Primary 6 Question-how to solve this  
Hi Zach, Re-posting the below question as I could not find the answer on your website I have some red and yellow marbles in a bottle. If i add in …

2+4+6+8... ...94+96+98=?

primary 6 question on ratio 
Hi Please help to solve this. Frederic had a candy bag which contained 35 chocolate bars and 50 sweets. Ryan had another candy bag which contained …

Changing ratios 
A sporting goods store ordered new bikes and scooters. For every 3 bikes ordered, 4 scooters were ordered. However, bikes were more popular than scooters, …

Changing Ratios 
Ryan and Juan had $500 dollars altogether. After Ryan spent $80 he had Three fifths as much money as Juan. How much money does Juan have? How much money …

Primary 6 math question 
I am not sure which concept to apply here. Appreciate your pointers. Thanks. Question: I have some red and yellow marbles in a bottle. If i add …

Mrs Garcia 
I need to solve this probelm: Sharon mixed meat with potatoes in the ratio 7:3 to make 4 kg of meat loaf. How much meat did she use? Explain. …

Magaret Not rated yet
Need help on this question: The ratio of the number of Meili's stickers to Suhua's is 3:7. Suhua has 32 more stickers than Meili. If Suhua gives 1/4 …

Ratio Not rated yet
Joanna had $200 more than Danny. If Danny gave $30 to Joanna, the ratio of Joanne's money to Danny's money would be 14:1. How much money did Danny have …

fractions Not rated yet
i have one half of a square and i want to divide it by one eighth. how many pieces would i have? Zach's Answer:

Pri6 math Q Not rated yet
There are more pupils in school A than school B. 30% of the pupils in school A is 45 more than 40% of the pupils in school B. If 10% of the pupils in school …

Money Not rated yet
Roy, Sam and Ted had a sum of money. Roy had 80% of Sam's money. Sam had 60% of Ted's. After Roy gave $12 to Sam, he had 5/7 of what Sam had. How much …

Simultaneous Concept Not rated yet
1600 participants took part in an event with mass dance and taiji activities. 30% of the 1300 mass dance participants were adults, while 40% of the taiji …

Is this solvable?  Not rated yet
Andy bought a watch for $540. He gave 1/5 of the remainder to his brother bought a earphone for $180 and finally have 1/14 of money left. How much money …

Changing Ratios Not rated yet
John and Max had an equal amount of money each. After john spent $25 and Max spent $18, the ratio of John's money to Max money was 2:3. How much money …

question 1 Not rated yet
David and Amrita had an equal number of marbles. After Amrita gave 50 marbles to David, he had 5 times as any marbles as her. find the total number of …

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